7 Best Vegan Recipes from Fellow Bloggers

It's hard to know where to start when transitioning to a vegan diet. But one of the best ways is by exploring new recipes that can easily become a part of your weekly rotation of meals. here are recipes we love and used throughout our vegan journey.

As lovers of noodles and creamy dishes, we had an idea for the kinds of recipes we wanted. Our suggestion to you is to think about the dishes you already enjoy and try to find a plant-based version of that dish. Thanks to the many food bloggers out there, there is an amazing variety of vegan recipes, including many cultural dishes that have been prepared without any animal products. Below is a list of some of our favorite recipes from other blogs. Make sure to give some love to the creators of these wonderful dishes, they do not disappoint.

We have made all these numerous times, especially the first one on the list. All photos below are taken by us.

1. Vegan Egg Yolk

from It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken
Piece of toast with two slices of tofu, topped with vegan egg yolk and fresh parsley

For us, one of our favorites is this Egg Yolk recipe from It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken. Wow, what a life changer this was! We literally drizzle this over tofu and it tastes like a runny egg (see above image). It's truly amazing and has inspired us to work on our own version of a vegan egg yolk.

2. Teriyaki Noodles

From Mildly Meandering

We often turn to a noodle dish when we don't know what we want to make or just want a quick meal (You'll notice many more noodle/pasta dishes in this post). So when we want to switch it up we explore new sauces. One we have been enjoying is this Teriyaki Noodle recipe from Mildly Meandering.

3. Sweet Potato Mac 'n Cheese

From Zen and Zaatar.

Early on in our relationship we explored tons of vegan cheese recipes, even making a nacho cheese out of potatoes and carrots. When we found this recipe we already suspected it would be good. This is a Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese recipe that is surprisingly simple as it is good, we definitely recommend dressing it up further as you see fit. We have topped this dish with pickled jalapeños, crispy onions, vegan meats, or tempeh crumbles - what we're getting at is that this is an adaptable recipe from Zen and Zaatar.

4. One-Pot Mushroom Stroganoff

From From My Bowl

Note: Our image of this dish is left overs from the day before and does not represent this creamy delicious recipe accurately.

This is probably the first food blogger we followed when we first went vegan in 2018. Caitlin Shoemaker is the creator of From My Bowl. She has a series of One-Pot meals and they are pretty great, however, there is one star of the show and that's this delicious Mushroom Stroganoff recipe. Just go look at that comment section if you don't believe us.

5. Jackfruit Carnitas

From the LA Times

Tacos are great, carnitas are great, and vegan carnita tacos are even greater! This is a Vegan Jackfruit Carnitas recipe that will genuinely surprise you. If you haven't tried jackfruit before, it is perfect for recipes where you need a shredded meat replacement. Just make sure to drain and rinse the brine off the jackfruit, we have a good trick for getting that brine off shown here, it also does a good job of breaking it up. Just be sure to rinse with water too! This recipe is from the LA times.

6. Cauliflower Alfredo

From Love and Lemons

There is something so awesome about consuming a sauce that is packed with plant-based goodies. So creamy, so delicious, and so much healthier than traditional Alfredo Sauce - which tends to be pretty fatty and calorie dense. We definitely recommend giving this Alfredo Sauce recipe a try, you won't regret it. (Note: If you want more protein in this dish you can swap the cauliflower for tofu or use both!)

7. Raw Cheesecake

From Minimalist Baker

We were recently gifted a food processor so now making raw vegan desserts are a breeze! It really was surprisingly quick and easy to make this Raw Cheesecake recipe by Minimalist Baker. This is an adaptable recipe where you can dress it up however you like. We have used almond butter, different jams, and chocolate. We're huge fans of this dessert!

These are 7 of our favorites, if you have some favorite food blogger recipes please share them in the comment section!

besitos, J & R

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